Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Louis Armstrong and the Three Stooges

I have to start with my two favorite entertainment icons. They will be the constant stars of this blog. And, yes, they did meet once on the Frank Sinatra Show in 1952; sharing a brief scene together. I'm sure they hung out backstage many times over the years.

LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Where does one start with Louis? He was the man who made jazz and popular music swing, influenced countless musicians and singers and entertained millions who knew nothing of his gifts as a jazz improviser and trumpet/vocal genius. I will revisit various records, films, TV shows and moments in Pop's career.

However, I want to mention the ultimate blog for Louis freaks, my friend Ricky Riccardi's "The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong." Ricky really knows his stuff and I am only here to add to the magic and never-ending fascination with Pops. Next time out, I'll pick a favorite Louis record to get started. "OH YEAH!!!"

THE THREE STOOGES: In my humble opinion, they were the greatest comedy team of all time. Some teams were subtler, some crazier. Some had more pathos or added music to their act; but for pure timeless slapstick and belly laughs, I'll take the Stooges anytime.

I guess most Stooges nuts love the Curly shorts over Shemp. But I think both Howard boys were comic geniuses. Shemp was a talented comic on his own (check out "Mr.Noisy" from Columbia 1946). Some of his best efforts rivaled Curly's.

As for Joe Besser, he was a good comic, but out of his element with the Stooges. Joe DeRita was a good addition but didn't add much to the team chemistry. (He made some funny shorts for Columbia, too.)

The classic trio was Moe, Larry, Curly and/or Shemp. Next time out we'll pick a favorite Stooges short and start the party. "WHY YOU!!!"

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